An Investment in History for the Future of Rush

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

A Letter to the Rush Town Board:

The future and collaborative and operational models we envision

by both the Rush Historical Society and the Rush Town Board

Dear Supervisor Kusse and Rush Town Board members:

This letter is a formal confirmation of the Rush Historical Society’s interest in utilizing the 1911 House on the Town Hall property as a historic site for the preservation of Rush history. Each of you have already received our first proposal on 9.2.2020 (linked below), and this additional document is a follow-up to that proposal.

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The 1911 House after renovation with creative ideas by Maureen Neumaier and Janet Cruz

Rush is one of only two towns in Monroe County which do not have their own historic society site/exhibition space to accommodate promised items and display currently-owned items properly, yet we know from our 2018 Bicentennial Celebration how our town’s heritage is both rich and deep. It was through this Bicentennial Celebration that the Rush Historical Society was formed as a not-for-profit, chartered by the NYS Education Department and recognized as a 501[c] 3 by the IRS. We annually report to the NYS Education Department.

We propose an operating agreement, as other town historical societies have with their towns, in a public-private partnership that utilizes volunteers to manage town-owned homes. Susan Mee, Rush Town Historian, already holds many donations from Rush residents which would provide a permanent collection for the historic site we propose at the 1911 House, such as the organ in the Town Hall lobby. Ms. Mee also has pledges from other Rush residents of other local artifacts they plan to donate to the Society.

To aid in obtaining a site report from Bero Associates, RHS will pay $1,000 toward the costs of that report, paid directly to Bero Associates with the understanding that the report is shared with the Society and uses our criteria on page 7. This offer stands until March 15 for a commitment by RHS, Town Board and Bero to begin this assessment by March 30. The roof is leaking and this issue has been dodged for over a year.

Our long-term arrangement would be similar to the Avon Historical Society model and others.

RHS would provide insurance for the contents of historical items, and would have programs and visiting hours established and run by members and volunteers. The RHS would assist with submitting grants toward renovations and improvements. Bero and Associates list grant opportunities in their assessments which we have seen represented in their previous work.

RHS is not able to support the costs associated with long-term maintenance of the building and grounds, but this is an investment by RHS, Rush residents and