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Historic Costumes, January 21, 2-3 pm, Udicious Pavilion

Designing and Creating Historic Costumes with Bevin Lynn. Sunday, January 21, 2–3 pm, Udicious Pavilion in Rush, NY.

Bevin Lynn has worked extensively in the museum community with a specialty in creating historic clothing for any era. She has been a guest presenter and workshop host at the Association for Living History, Farm and Agricultural Museums national conference, and been published in their bulletin. Founder of the DOVES living history group, Bevin has also been the Coordinator of Interpretive Programs at the Genesee Country Village and Museum where she oversaw the costuming department.

Have you ever wanted to recreate a fashion from the past but are stumped as to where to start? Using the Regency as our example time period, this class will walk you through the step by step process to get from the photograph or sketch to the finished garment.


Sue Mee, Rush Town Historian and Linda Henry, 2018-2019 President of Rush Historical Society marching in the Memorial Day Parade of 2018.

During the Rush bicentennial celebration in 2018 many people sewed costumes to wear to the festivities that included a re-enactment of the first Rush Town Board Meeting, the Rush Memorial Day parade, a re-enactment of the town's early settlers and a Gala.


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